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Rest Assured Financial Advisers Ltd

Rest Assured Financial Advisers is comprehensive financial advice with the difference in the Waikato and surrounding areas – change your mindset and protect your financial security.

Our services are no obligation and no cost to you.

We take pride in protecting your lifestyle, health and the people you care about. Insurance is the certainty we all need if hit with an unexpected difficult situation.

We work with you to adapt and keep you in the best possible situation for your needs. We work with and have access to New Zealand’s top insurers, lenders and professionals to meet your needs. Insurance policies are different across the industry – get jargon free advice that you can trust.

We will take you through our tried and tested advice process to establish what’s important to you and how we can help – whether its financial advice with your business, home, family, children or your pet, let us structure a recommendation and plan to save guard your needs and support your goals.

We are open and reliable with impartial and nonaligned advice. We will work for you to get the best possible options available. Everyone is different and should be treated that way, with individual advice to suit their needs, budget and personal circumstances – don’t take an off the shelf, standard product after only looking at one provider with no real advice – insurance needs to be about you.

Give us a call today on 0800 893 448 or 07 834 3102 or contact us here – we will assess where you are currently at and make recommendations on how to improve your situation.

"A good adviser is the best insurance you can have."

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